HOWTO: Make FireFox work with Selenium testing an NTLM site

Февраль 3, 2010

Selenium is great unless it deals with sites that require windows authorization — annoying dialog appears waiting for credentials. The pattern does not work. Here I’ll show the possible workaround for making FireFox skip this dialog. This post is based on and articles.
First, according to the first article, we create a new FireFox profile, but in addition to the config parameters that you are going to change in about:config, also alter parameters from the second article — input the value of your server that demands NTLM authorization: if the url looks like http://severWithNTLM:port/some_url then input severWithNTLM as value for network.automatic-ntlm-auth.trusted-uris, network.negotiate-auth.delegation-urisnetwork.negotiate-auth.trusted-uris.
After creating the profile you can copy the whole profile folder to the appropriate path.
Now you need to add credentials of that severWithNTLM in Manage Passwords (Control Panel->User Accounts->Advanced).
That’s all — now you can run selenium with:
java -jar selenium-server.jar -firefoxProfileTemplate «<Selenium Profile Directory>»

and FireFox will not ask you for credentials if you have done these steps correctly.

2 Comments to "HOWTO: Make FireFox work with Selenium testing an NTLM site"

  1. maplpro wrote:

    Why don’t you just run Selenium server under the required User? It starts fast so you can easily switch between Users for different tests. What do you think?

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