Draw an arrow on Google map

Апрель 25, 2010

I wrote a simple javascript function that draws an arrow on a Google Map (based on http://wtp2.appspot.com/BdccArrowedPolyline.js):

function drawArrow(pt1, pt2, color)
	var lineWidth = 10;
	var lineOpacity = 0.7;
	var arrowSize = 50;

	function addHead(point, theta, zoom, color)
		var p = prj.fromLatLngToPixel(point,  zoom)
		var x = p.x, y = p.y;
		var t = theta + (Math.PI/4) ;
		if(t > Math.PI)
			t -= 2*Math.PI;
		var t2 = theta - (Math.PI/4) ;
		if(t2 <= (-Math.PI))
			t2 += 2*Math.PI;
		var pts = new Array();
		var headLength = arrowSize;
		var x1 = x-Math.cos(t)*headLength;
		var y1 = y+Math.sin(t)*headLength;
		var x2 = x-Math.cos(t2)*headLength;
		var y2 = y+Math.sin(t2)*headLength;
		pts.push(prj.fromPixelToLatLng(new GPoint(x1,y1), zoom));
		pts.push(prj.fromPixelToLatLng(new GPoint(x,y), zoom));
		pts.push(prj.fromPixelToLatLng(new GPoint(x2,y2), zoom));
		var head = new GPolygon(pts, color, 0, 1, color, 1);

	var polyline = new GPolyline([pt1, pt2], color, lineWidth, lineOpacity);
	var zoom = map.getZoom();
	var p1 = prj.fromLatLngToPixel(pt1,  zoom);
	var p2 = prj.fromLatLngToPixel(pt2,  zoom);
	var dx = p2.x-p1.x;
	var dy = p2.y-p1.y;
	var theta = Math.atan2(-dy,dx);

	addHead(pt2, theta, zoom, color);

Where pt1, pt2 are GLatLng instances, map is GMap2 and color is a string representation of color. Unfortunately, this function does not support map’s zooming — arrows heads grow bigger when zooming in.

The result looks like:


  • arrow

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2 Comments to "Draw an arrow on Google map"

  1. Luis wrote:

    Could you please publish the complete code of your demo?

  2. Maria wrote:

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